In addition to the physical and mental enjoyment sex offers, it has many other positive effects on man. For this reason, prolonged abstinence from sex can often lead to mild and sometimes serious effects on the physical and mental health which are not always perceived by the individual but significantly affect his/her daily life.

Possible effects of sexual abstinence:

Fitness: One of the most well-known characteristics of sex is that it deflates the body as it increases burns while improving the mood of the person who becomes more active and energetic. Abstaining from it can lead to poor mood and as a result a decreased appetite for activities and physical activity.

Abstinence from sex and its effects on health

Psychological state: During sex, hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins are released into our body. Oxytocin is known as a hug or love hormone and is associated with feelings of tenderness, confidence and attachment to the other person while endorphin is associated with good mood, sense of well-being and strengthening of the immune system. Therefore, abstinence from sex can often lead to bad mood, anxiety or even depression. Further research has shown that people who have sex more often have less stress and vice versa those who have less stress are more likely to have sex.

Vaginal dryness: Over time, the female body gradually begins to restrict the production of estrogens in the body that are responsible for vaginal lubrication and maintaining its wall health. Abstinence from sex for a long time, aggravates this condition in older women as they will have difficulty with dried vagina due to reduced estrogens' production. Equally, important for vaginal health is frequent sexual intercourse after menopause.

Urinary Tract Infections: One consequence of abstaining from sex that we might consider to be positive is the reduced risk of urinary tract infections as well as sexually transmitted diseases. The most common of these cases are bladder infections by fungi or bacteria that are transmitted during sexual intercourse. At the same time, all this can be avoided by careful selection of partners and the use of condoms as the only safe way to protect against such infections.