Needless pounds and sex life

Wondering how a few pounds can affect your sex life? If you are a woman then surely you have the answer to this question.

This new feeling you have for your body is very annoying as it causes you difficulties:

  • when you wear your tight jeans...
  • when you go to eat something delicious (but also a little fattening)...
  • when you look in the mirror...
  • when you go to try the narrow waistcoat that you use instead of scales...
  • but also when it comes time to have sex with your partner...

Needless pounds and sex life

The negative image we have of ourselves is often reflected in the eyes of our partner. The feeling that we are not as attractive anymore, leads to low self-esteem and insecurity. This insecurity also comes out during sexual intercourse as reactions are dominated, such as hiding body parts where we feel we have become fat, being huddled and less active during the act or even avoiding it.

All of these behaviours can be very damaging or even destructive to our relationship.

Needless pounds and sex life

At this point, it is important to emphasize that our partner's behaviour also plays a major role in this. The feeling that our partner loves our body the same, even with the above pounds, is crucial to how we treat it ourselves.

The feeling, or at least the suspicion of rejecting the above pounds we have gained, is capable of generating tension, negative attitude and indifference to sexual intercourse as the woman feels unwanted.

Research has shown that women who believe their partner loves their body have a better sex life. In these cases, the high self-esteem of these women also leads to greater sexual desire.


  1. Love your body
  2. Feel confident
  3. Show it to your partner
  4. Stimulate your love life

Change your life by changing the image you have of yourself to improve your love affair with your partner.