Our Company


Add condoms is the “baby brand” of GMT International SuperGloves. A multinational expert company in the rubber industry and latex production.

GMT has been followed by a several decades experience of processing rubber trees and extracting the milky white sap, known as latex. As a result, exceptional products are offered to you, due to unique rubber characteristics, our specialized know-how and continuous investments in R & D programs and innovative technologies.

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Check our Website: https://www.gmt-supergloves.com/

Our Mission


Our Mission..? Your Safety!!!

When it comes to condoms, Safety is the most important feature.

How could you evaluate that?

Safety in condoms is inseparably linked to its material and the production processing.

Having a multi-year experience in rubber processing,
– Yes, condoms are made from rubber –
combined with our passion for excellence in rubber – based products, we decided to design, create and offer you a uniquely processed condom that certifies your safety. The Natural-Thin condom of ADD is specially designed to offer you moments of safe sex.


Our Mission..? Your Pleasure!!!

When it comes to condoms, Pleasure is the second most important, inseparable feature.

Decades of researching, testing and specialized R & D programs led to the creation of the thinnest condom, able to offer you the unique experience of real touch. The Ultra-Thin condom of ADD is specially designed to offer you the ultimate pleasure with no compromisation on safety.


You deserve both! We offer you both!

Safety & Pleasure

Our Vision


Our Vision is to become the reliable and trusted partner that offers you moments of safe sex and ultimate pleasure.

 ADD Condoms